• 1-ch 1080p network speed dome and 4-ch network camera.
  • H.265 video compression for main stream and sub-stream.
  • 1-ch VGA video output with resolution of 1024 × 600.
  • Pluggable dummy HDD supporting two 2.5-inch HDDs/SSDs.
  • Dummy HDD adopts HDD/SSD vibration damping technology.
  • IR and white light illumination help to capture high quality images in dim light environment.
  • Load name overlay feature records the geographical information of video evidence.
  • Operate menu and control positioning system lite via single and multi-touch features.
  • Wireless cluster intercom function.
  • Power-off protection prevents key data from loss.
  • Dummy HDD provides smart temperature-control module and USB data export interface.
  • Built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) module precisely positioning the vehicle via the satellite and recording the location information in the video stream.
  • Device adopts the aviation plug design to ensure signal stability.
  • Wide-range power input.
  • Aluminum die-cast chassis with no-fan design well adaptable to working environment

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