• Use SFP packaging form, LC connector, support SFF8472 standard;
  • Support hot plug
    • Transmitter use1310nm FP laser and 1550PIN-TIA;
    • Receiver use 1550nm FP laser and1310nm PIN-TIA;
  • The data transmission distance of single mode optical fiber can up to 20 km;
  • Data input and output ports are comply with the low voltage emitter coupled logic(LVPECL) standard;
  • Low electromagnetic interference to the environment, strong ESD protection;
  • Meet IEC-60825 laser safety standard;
  • Meet RoHS standard.

Item Description
Power Supply The Host Power Supply
Voltage Range DC3.15V~3.45V
Consumption 1W
Optical Wave Length 1310nm/1550nmand1550nm/1310nm;
Emission Light Power -8~-3 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity -24 dBm
Optical Fiber Type Single mode9/125um
Optical Fiber Port LC
Transmission Distance Singlemode20km
ESD 1 contact discharge 3 level,  1 bair discharge 3 level, Per:IEC61000-4-2
Working Temperature 0℃~70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
Humidity (Non-condensing) 0~95%
Dimension (L×W×H) 55.4mm×13.7mm×6.25mm
Material Stainless steel
Color White
Weight 17g

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