Hybrid SAN Hikvision DS-AT1000S

Hybrid SAN

  • High-performance and high-reliability hardware platform: modularized and cableless design, SBB2.0 standard architecture, Xeon 64-bit multi-core CPU, 4 to 32 GB cache, 1000M network interfaces x 4, key component redundancy
  • Super large capacity and high-density design: 48 TB/U, up to 192 TB storage space for single device, installation in 800 mm-deep cabinet
  • Disk inspection and RAID optimization technologies
    Disk inspection and repair: disk inspection and auto repair technology to improve disk usage
    RAID optimization: various RAID modes (0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50), global or partial hot spare to protect data security;
    VRAID (Video RAID) data protection: recording service will not be interrupted where there are multiple RAID bad disks.
    Volume cloning: when RIAD fails, data can be restored through volume cloning technology only if disk is readable physically

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