Hybrid SAN Hikvision DS-A82024D

Hybrid SAN

Reliable System

  • Modular and no-cable design.
  • Dual controller.
  • Real-time cache.
  • Optional BBU (Backup Battery Unit).

High-Performance and Extendable Hardware Platform

  • 64-bit multi-core processor.
  • PCI-E 2.0 bus.
  • Four 1000M Ethernet interfaces per controller.
  • SAS interface for storage enclosure.
  • High-density chassis. 4U chassis: 24 HDDs.

HDD Detection and Repair/RAID Optimization

  • Detection before operation.
  • Detection in operation.
  • Fault repair.
  • RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50.
  • Global and local hot spare.
  • Quick RAID building.
  • Capability of cascading up to two storage enclosures behind a single SAS port.

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