Body worn camera

●     High Definition

Embedded with an image sensor of 16 megapixel and ISP suveillancelevel.

●     Image

Provides a lens whose horizontal FOV (Field of View) is 127°.

Supports distortion correction.

●     IR (Infrared Radiation) Light

Supports IR auto day and night switch

●     Video

Supports recording at up to 1080p/60fps.

Supports network transmission at high deifinition.

●     Tape

Supports recording while taping.

●     Network

Transmits real-time videos and audios to management platformvia built-in 4G module and Wi-Fi module.

●     Positioning

Built-in GPS and BeiDou positioning module.

●     Battery

A large capacity batterywith 4400 mAh capacity which can record videos of 1080p for 8 hours.

●     Video Output

Provides microHDMI interface totransmit image to external screen.

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