DS-K3B601 Series Swing Barrier

  • Brushless DC electric motor supports more than 5,000,000 (for DS-K3B601A series)/3,000,000
    (for DS-K3B601 series) open/close barrier times
  • 12 pairs of IR light detectors
    Permissions validation and anti-tailgating.
  • Customizes audio prompt content
  • Remote control door status via keyfob
    One keyfob can pairs one swing barrier, while one swing barrier can connect up to 32 keyfobs.
  • LED light indicates passing direction
  • Audible and visual nipping alarm
    The barrier will stop working for a period of time when detecting obstruction when open/close
  • Anti-force accessing
    The barrier will be locked automatically without open-door signal when detecting force
    accessing (<120 Nm).
  • Self-detection, Self-diagnostics, and automatic alarm

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