Dock Station

Dock Station for body worn camera

  • Small size and easy to carry.
  • Charge the connected body camera.
  • Simultaneously collect data from up to 8 body cameras.
  • Obtain date, serial No., police ID, and remaining data of the body camera.
  • You can clear data in body camera after data is successfully collected.
  • Log management.
  • Data overwriting: When HDD is full, save new data by overwriting the earliest data.
  • In case data collection process is suddenly broken off, dock station will resume data collection from the breakpoint at next collection.
  • ANR (Automatically Network Replenishment) feature.
  • Search collected data by time, by file type, by device No, etc.
  • Body camera cradle that used to charge and transmit data with MH2211 and DS-MH2111 series body cameras is optional.
  • Lock the collected file to prevent it from being overwritten.
  • Embedded WEB server.

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